On every page on your wiki you'll see a background which you always can customize.

Where can I change/customize

Go on your wiki to the page "Special:ThemeDesigner". You can find it when you type it in the search box or in the url after the name of your wiki. Another way to find is to use the bar on the bottom of your screen. Click on "Admin" and you go to "Special:AdminDashboard". You see on the general page the link to Theme Designer. And the last possible way is hovering over "My Tools" on the toolbar and click on "Theme Designer". In the Theme Designer you go to the "Customize" section. Click on graphic and upload an image. Don't forget to save your edit. Maybe it takes a few minutes before it'll work.

Standard background

There are some basic backgrounds available on Special:ThemeDesigner. Choose one of them and save your edit.

Make a background

You can use all pictures for your background. Mostly it's nice if you customize also the image you want to use. You can do this in many programs offline and online.

Requirements for your picture

The picture has to be less than 300 KB and has to be a PNG, JPG or GIF file.

When it doesn't work it can have many causes:

  • The requirements of the picture are wrong
  • You clicked not on "Save"
  • Wikia is busy with it
  • You're not on the page Special:ThemeDesigner
SpecialThemeDesigner 001

Background Section in the Theme Designer