Infoboxes are similar to that of fact sheets or sidebars in magazine articles. They are designed to present a summary of the topic of a page in a quick and legible format. This article focuses on Wikia's newly released "portable infobox" standard.

What are "portable infoboxes"?

Portable infoboxes are basically mobile-friendly infoboxes. They are enabled in a way so that they can be viewed and formatted correctly on devices such as phones and tablets.

How can I add them?

You can add portable infoboxes in the same way you would any other template - either through the editor's built-in tools or through the editor's source mode. In the Visual Editor, portable infoboxes can be added by going to the Infobox option in the Insert tab.

If you are in source mode, you would start by copying the syntax from the template's documentation (normally found at the bottom of the template's page) and pasting it into an article, changing the words after the equal signs to provide the desired information. For instance:

{{Infobox character
|title = Flower
|image = Example.jpg
|imagecaption = Flower, idling about
|position = Leader of the Garden
|age = 2 months
|height = 5 inches
|weight = 20 grams

The template markup for portable infoboxes is much easier to write than standard infoboxes, as demonstrated below.

How do I create one?

Altering the layout

Custom theming

Multiple media elements

Grouping data

Grouping info inside the group tags

Collapsible groups