A user page is the page where you can tell something about yourself or where you show on what wikis you're active.


Just click on the edit button to customize it. Often there's a standard user profile, but you're free to remove that one and add your own things.


If you want to customize maybe the page Boxes can help you or the other pages in the category Code help.

Userpage template

You can a standard template you add on all wikis to your profile. For doing this on an easy way it's possible to make a standard profile template. You can do this on Community Central on the page "Template:User:your username". You can use this template on all wiki's, the only thing you have to do is to insert "{{w:User:your username}}" this code to your profile when you want to use it (remove "your username" with your username).

But remember parameters ({{{1}}}) do not work in inter-wikis when used directly from Community Central, so if you want to have a template with working parameters try creating it in the "User" namespace.

Standard User Page

If you're an admin on a wiki you can change the content of the standard user pages. When you publish your edit it'll work for all users on the wiki who join after you changed it.

You can change it on this page on your wiki: "MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page".