The welcome messages are there to welcome new users on a wiki.

What could you write?

You can write something about your wiki and show some links to nice pages. Also you can say something about how to edit and what pages the wiki need. Another thing to say is about where people can find help, but there are much more things you can say.

Where can I change?

Message Wall

Registered users: "MediaWiki:Welcome-message-wall-user".
Anonymous users: "MediaWiki:Welcome-message-wall-anon".

Talk Page

Registered users: "MediaWiki:Welcome-message-user".
Anonymous users: "MediaWiki:Welcome-message-anon".


  • Use not too much css if you use Message Walls on your wiki.
  • Be creative
  • Use some nice codes to show:
    • The page the user has edited: $1
    • The page of the user who left the message: $2
    • A signature of the user who left the message: $3
    • The name of the person you welcomed: $4
Welcome Message

Welcome Message