On a wiki you have always a wordmark. There are two different wordmarks: Text and graphic wordmarks. If you upload a graphic wordmark it's better if the name of the wiki is in it. For this action you need admin rights on the wiki.


Go on your wiki to the page "Special:ThemeDesigner". You can find it when you type it in the url after the name of your wiki. Another way to find is to use the bar on the bottom of your screen. Click on "Admin" and you go to "Special:AdminDashboard". You see on the general page the link to Theme Designer. A third way to come to the page is by hovering over "My Tools" on the bottom toolbar, then click on Theme Designer. After that you go to the "Wordmark" section.

Text Wordmark

You can change the text here, but it's also possible to change the font and the size of the text. If you've changed it to your preferences don't forget to save the edit.

Graphic Wordmark

It's also possible to add a graphic wordmark. Brows to the picture you want to use and click then on "Upload". Don't forget to save after changing.

Problems with uploading a picture

This can have the following causes:

  • The file is not a .PNG file.
  • The file is bigger than 250px by 65px.
  • Wikia is busy with it.
  • You didn't save.

Wikia needs always some time to update it, so you have to wait some minutes to let it work.

Back to Text Wordmark

If you have a graphic wordmark on your wiki and you want to change it back to a text wordmark, you have to scroll over the picture. Now you'll see on the right top the text "Remove". Click on it and edit the text wordmark section. Don't forget to save your edit.

SpecialThemeDesigner 002

The Section of the Wordmark in the Theme Designer